Are You Happy

Happiness is the struggle, the pursuit, and the dream.

Find out why YOU haven’t got it yet and what you need to do to get it.


Are You Happy?’ is written for everyone who is unhappy; for everyone who has tried everything, has read every self-help book and has attempted every kind of ‘positive-thinking’ technique, mind-altering experience, ‘live-in-the-moment’ activity and desperate prayer imaginable – and who is still unhappy.

‘Are You Happy?’ presents a new definition of happiness – one that is solid, quantifiable and practical. It provides a simple recipe for happiness – no ‘hundred rules to success’ to remember here. It explains how your mind works – and how to re-balance it in order to end the bad & addictive behaviours that are holding you back. And, finally, it gives you step-by-step instructions on how to start earning your happiness today.


Kristi -

This book gives tips on how to get excited and earn affection to create the ultimate happiness bubble! Are You Happy? is an easy-to-follow guide on happiness that I would recommend to all my friends and family.

Self Publishing Review

The first half of the book is highly entertaining. Accompanied by the stylish illustrations that fit the tone of the novel perfectly, Colleens dives into her ‘three brain theory.’ During the second half the advice is solid. As a whole, this is a quick, thoroughly enjoyable book that may just help you find a little more happiness in your life.

I found Are You Happy?: A guidebook on how to earn happiness by Lea Colleens to be a very helpful and life altering book. I highly recommend this book to all people who are seeking a happier, fulfilled and joyful life. It’s one of the best books on discovering happiness that I have ever read.

Reader Views

Lea Colleens takes the reader on a journey of discovery in a quick and easy to read self-help manual that will open the eyes to a unique concept on how to find happiness – by earning it.

Owen Howland

These pointers worked to be a fantastic way to know that other individuals have similar interests like my own to grasp a great deal more with respect to happiness. I am certain there are lots more pleasurable opportunities ahead for those who explore your work.



You’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.
Well Are You Happy? has the answers.
This introductory video will set you off onto your new journey…
into happiness.


Below you will find a link to PREVIEW the Introduction chapter of ‘Are You Happy?’ If it seems like it’s something you can sink your teeth into, well dive right in and BUY yourself a copy.

And then stay tuned! If you liked the Introduction Video above, there’s more to come. I will soon begin work on a new series of videos that will help you along in your journey.



Lea Colleens

Lea Colleens, a serial wanderer and creative spirit, found herself settled in Melbourne, Australia in the early 2010s. Having studied various philosophies under her beloved mentor for ten years, she felt she had still only touched the surface of the seemingly intangible concept of happiness. As she began formulating the foundation for her current work, ‘Are you happy?’ she explored different forms of working and personal relationships, ranging from being the director of a feature film, The Flame Wars – a story revolving around interpersonal conflict – to studying and practicing various forms of yoga. She is currently embarking on her next book.


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